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If the charm of Sahara attracts you, the Dromadaire Travel Agency suggests you some fascinating itineraries.

You will see the AHAGGAR in all its splendid, admire the sunset on the hight of the ATAKOR, go up again the course of time with the rock drawings and cave engravings of the TASSILI N’AJJER.

Our drivers will guide you in the mystical immensity of the Desert; they are at home in this infinite, boundless space aboard 4x4 vehicles . Our drivers will make you discover a lot about the nomade life and get the pleasure of tasting some tea a bivouac.

The Dromedaire Agency is the rich experience, accumulated in the Tourist sector in the Sahara expeditions across the different regions in ALGERIA, by professional Touaregs, all Native of Tamanrasset, enthrall by this new Nomadisme and by the Sahara adventure. The Sahara is not a legend anymore, however it still for us, a bit of its mysteres.  

well Amicably.  


Tamanrasset at 1970Km far from ALGIERS, is situated at 1400m of altitude with a bracing climate and a soft winter. In winter the temperature could vary from 0° to 5°, the night is go up the day getween 20° to 25°. Higher temperature in April to September but with the variations at night from 10° to 17° and between 25° to 35° in the day. and place of market town and a crossroads of where the nomades meet on their while travelling through the Ahaggar towords Agades of Niger and Gao of Mali.

The Ahaggar is in the heart of the Sahara. It is a circular massive, dominated by a 2000 m plateau one middle altitude of 2000m. (Bristle of pegs reaching 3000m nearly). This plateau is named the Atakor. A mountainous volcanic massif of metallic color and strange shape expressive. To the center of the Atakor are the heihgts of the Assekrem of 2700m with the hermitage of father Charles Foucauld.

  • ILAMAN, 2760m        
  • TAHAT, 3003m
  • AMDJER, 2750m
  • AOUKNET, 2552m

Tamanrasset is in full center of the Ahaggar surrounded by the Adriane(1709m high). Half way between Tamanrasset and the Assekrem , there stands the Akar-Akar (2216m high). At about 200 Kms from the Ahaggar, we can find the Tassili:

  • In the northwest, Tassili of the Immidir
  • In the EAST, Tassili of Ajjer
  • In the Southeast, the Tassili of Hoggar
  • In the West south, the Tassili Tim Missao and Tassili of Tin Reroh

The Tefedest to the north of Tamanrasset is a mountainous region of granite that spreads on a length of 150Km, between IN AKOULMOU 2370m and OUDANE or GARET EL DJENOUN. The village of Mertoutek is to the south of massif where are located the prehistoric stations, engravings and cave paintings.


Has the southerly Tassili N’Ajjer- Djanet, and parallel to this, the Tadrat offers the most fantastic landscapes of the Sahara.

The discovery of every site is astonishing for the beauty and the specificity of the Tadrart: meet changing dunes from yellow to the orange of the Erg, the plateau extremely cut down by erosion and overgrown by the sand; a multitude of islets, rocks and of castles of grit offers to the spectators the unique emotions.

Leaving Djanet, in 4x4 across Tiska, a triangular detached mount of the Tassili, we reach the Tadrart that we will go over in eight days, on foot, a driving every evening, in an univers of golden dunes and of rocks sculpted to the imagination.

In this variety of mineral landscapes long of our itinerary, we will also have the possibility of admiring of numerous paintings and rock drawings.