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If the spell of the Sahara attracts you, the DROMATIC AGENCY  
offers you unusual and fascinating itineraries, on foot, by camel or in a 4 × 4 vehicle.

Tassili N’Ajjer

Alliant l’harmonie de la roche et du sable, ce séjour est la découverte assuréed’un univers saharien grandiose et préservé où la nature force le respect.

Touaregs Village  

En été, la région montagneuse de l’Ahaggar et de la Tefedest jouit d’un climat tempéré nous permettant de continuer nos découvertes par des circuits passionnants avec d’agréables bivouacs à la belle étoile.

Tassili of Hoggar  

A 150 kilomètres au sud de Tamanrasset s’étend un immense plateau gréseux annonciateur du désert malien et nigérien, le Tassili du Hoggar. Dans des paysages où le relief s’estompe parfois, surgissent, comme venues de nulle part

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La durée du circuit et le tarifs seront en fonction de la demande


We will make you discover the AHAGGAR in all its splendor and diversity, admire the sunset on the high peaks of the ATAKOR, go back in time with the paintings and rock carvings of TASSILI N'AJJER. Our chauffeurs or Tuareg guides will take you to the mystical vastness of the desert. They are here at home; the Sahara is their domain. They will make you discover the nomadic life, the warm atmosphere of the bivouac, the pleasure of tasting a tea around a wood fire. Choosing the DROMADAIRE AGENCY is the assurance of appealing to Tuareg professionals, all native of Tamanrasset, with a great experience in the Saharan expeditions tourism sector across the different regions of Algeria.


If the charm of the Sahara attracts you, the DROMADAIRE AGENCY offers unusual and fascinating itineraries, on foot, by camel or 4x4 vehicle.  

Our enthusiastic and competent local guides will welcome you. They are very happy to introduce you to our fascinating country. You can discover the desert and know everything about the Sahara, while enjoying a carefree holiday.

Are you ready to discover?  

Dromadaire Camping

With a hotel complex combining modernism and tradition,  
the agency DROMADAIRE-VOYAGES offers tourists in transit where wanting to stay in Tamanrasset quality services that will satisfy the most demanding of them.  

Located in the city center, away from traffic, the traveler will be seduced by this set in which Touareg tents, roof bungalows reminiscent of zerbas, lush vegetation in which emerge palm trees bring an authentic local stamp.  
Pour plus d’informations contactez nous sur: 029329968

  • positive review  وكالة ممتازة بكل المعايير اضافة الى احترام البرنامج و الوفاء به وحتى تسييره على طلب الزبون ، ماشاء الله خدمات في القمة ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    thumb Maistro Adrar
  • positive review  أفضل وكالة سياحية برامج غنية أناس ماشاء الله تنضيم جيد أوصي بتعامل معهم من أفضل الرحلات التي قمت بها Best tourist agency in tamanrasset i like it ❤

    thumb Ali Bouaffia
  • positive review  وكالة سياحية في القمة تضمن لكم اقامة مريحة برنامج جولات متنوع يناسب العائلات و الافراد يوفر زيارة لاجمل المعالم السياحية في مدينة تمنراست مع احترام البرنامج المسطر كما ان الاسعار جد تنافسية. فريق عمل تربية و خلق(المسيرين المرشدين السياحيين الطباخين السائقين) الجولة التي قمت بها مع وكالة dromadaire voyage كانت اروع من ما كنت اتوقع جربوها و لن تندمو

    thumb Sabri Hassen Bella
  • positive review  Hello, I really recommend this agency. hope you will like it like I did 🙂 Best regards, Bilal

    thumb BoulBoul Tahht
  • positive review  السياحة الصحراوية تمنراست اهقار فال نرقي السياحة في بلادنا

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    thumb Miloudi Ahmed

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