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Tassili N’ajjer 1 Algerie Dromadaire voyage agence-dromadaire

Tassili N’ajjer

The Dromedary Agency offers for your holidays an expedition in the most beautiful desert in the world Djanet the exceptional beauty of its landscape, the eternal tassili read the story through the 15 thousand drawings and rock engravings hormones the walls, a fascination that borders the spell here there is hardly any room for difference, an open-air museum of the Neolithic era, you have to leave to believe it, you have to see the city of these lighthouses. Tadrart Rouge Algerian Necklace contemplated the infinite beauty of the world 

Hourly Schedule

First day

Arrival at Djanet airport
Arrival at the airport Djanet home by the local team and transfer to the residence or place of the bivouac to spend the night.

Second day

Canyon d’IN Djaren / Moul N’Aga
After a short night, departure in 4X4 for the desert along the impressive Tadrart massif and view of the In Djaren canyon. After lunch we continue our route to the sandstone cathedrals. Night in bivouac.

Third day

Erg de Tin Merzouga
Continuation of the course with the discovery of beautiful frescoes of the bovidian period before arriving in the Erg de TIN Merzouga and its dunes in red and orange tones, night in bivouac.

Fourth day

Tin Merzouga / Oued In Djaren
Ascent of the wadi In Djaren passing through other sites of paintings symbols of another time and another climate with a view always attracted by amazing cliffs, overnight bivouac.

Fifth day

Oued Tainée/ Tagharghart
The return trip will take you through the Ténéré and the immense wadi Tainèe where is a forest of acaccias, night in bivouac.

Sixth Day

Tagharhart / Djanet
Visit to Tagharghart engravings of (the crying cow), return, visit the town of Djanet with a visit to the market and crafts, return to the residence, dinner at the end of the stay. Transfer to Djanet airport.


Nov 16 2019 - Nov 22 2019




Tassili N'ajjer

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