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Equipment to take

We ask you to use only one piece of luggage and to limit its weight to 20 kg. Favor seabags or approaches that are easier to handle. Basic equipment: The Sahara is a country where the sun shines very hard but where it can be cold. It is therefore necessary, especially in January - March, to equip warmly.  


In addition to possible personal medications, it is recommended to bring comfort medications: Intestinal antiseptics, antidiarrheals, skin disinfectant, pills for fever or headache, bandages, eye drops, hydrochlorazone tablets for the treatment of water. We can also add scissors and tweezers.  

List of Equipment  

  • A light backpack, 20 or 30 l, for the day  

  • A warm sleeping bag and a pillow if you need it. A pair of high shoes holding the ankles.  

  • A pair of light shoes for comfort at the stage.  

  • An anorak or windbreaker jacket.  

  • Two light and loose pants (avoid too showy outfits).  

  • A towel.  

  • Spare laundry.  

  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, lip stick.  

  • Bonnet and gloves depending on the season.  

  • A hat or cap.  

  • Two gourds of 1 l each or better a thermos insulating bottle.  

  • A pocket knife.  

  • A flashlight or better a front with spare batteries.  

  • Wipes, toilet paper and lighter to destroy them.  

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