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welcome to Tassili of Hoggar  

150 kilometers south of Tamanrasset is an immense sandstone plateau, a harbinger of the Malian and Nigerian desert, the Tassili of Hoggar. In landscapes where the relief sometimes fades, arise, as if coming from nowhere, silhouettes with strange shapes carved by the wind. The Tassili of the Hoggar is an immense space with scattered vegetation, plowed by a multitude of wadis which are so many ways of communication; it is also a land of contrast where alternate arid landscapes, desert and blond sand dunes coiled at the foot of huge brown rocks. And from time to time, the presence of some engravings or rock paintings will remind us that the Neolithic man lived in this country.  

First day

Reception at the Aguenar de Tamanrasset airport, entry formalities and transfer to the city. Free time for some shopping. After lunch, we will drive south to Zazeir, 70 kilometres from Tamanrasset.

Second day

After breakfast, our caravan will head towards El Ghessour, located 80 kilometres from our starting point. Once arrived, we will visit, with our guide, the cave of Tin Ghouit whose walls are decorated with rock paintings. Walk in the canyon, pick up the vehicles halfway. Overnight stay on site.

Third day

In the morning, visit several sites in El Ghessour, then after 4 hours of walking, we will arrive around noon in Oued Bekai, meeting point with our vehicles. Lunch on site. In the afternoon, we will join with our 4 x 4 a very characteristic rock nicknamed the Ring. A short walk in the dunes, bivouac on site.

Fourth day

Early in the morning, with our guide, visit the Tin Akecheker site, famous for its eroded sandstone needles pointing towards the sky, its blond sand dunes drawing superb arabesques. After lunch and with our vehicles, we will head towards the Akahem cave where we will be able to admire rock carvings of cattle. Overnight stay in the region.

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Fifth day

Morning walk through a chain of dunes and a desert plateau to Imaskor. Meeting with the vehicles. Lunch. In the afternoon, we take over the 4WDs and head west. We will reach after crossing a huge plateau, Idaoudaoune in the region of La Tagrera. Walking tour of the Tin Gréré site, its caves and rock carvings. Bivouac in the region

Sixth Day

We will head north on foot while the drivers load the luggage. We will arrive with our guide to Tégurenne, to have our lunch in the shade of a superb acacia tree. In the afternoon, we will go up to Tehararte where we will spend the night.

Septieme Jour

Our vehicles will take us, after having borrowed many wadis, to the foot of the Agualala mountain. After having a picnic in Tihounek, we will reach Tamanrasset in the early afternoon. After a good shower, free time to visit the city. Not to be missed: the old market and its souvenir merchants, the African market, the Frigate, home of Father de Foucauld for a little over 10 years, the bordj where he was murdered, the museum of the Ahaggar National Park without forgetting to enjoy a cup of tea on the terrace of the many cafés that dot the city.

Eighth Day

End of the journey. Transfer to the airport. Boarding assistance.

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